We Find New Customers and Donors

For smaller companies and non-profit organizations

Three deliverables that drive new customer acquisition:

Lead Generation Media (Outbound Advertising)

Digital Klarity has profitably scaled digital media and lead generation campaigns for many of the leading direct marketers in the country.

Online Media Strategies (Inbound Marketing)

Visual branding, content messaging, customer journey road maps, web site architecture & tuning, landing page and microsite builds.

Campaign Performance Analytics & Modeling

We provide project campaign management, daily performance ROI analytics and offline-online CMO level integration strategies.

If you could eat the words used on most websites, they would taste like cardboard.

Most business communication is just bland and BORING! Research shows the average attention span of your prospects is only eight seconds. Let us help you get to the point fast so your prospects will buy from you quicker online.

Digital Blueprint for Offline-Online Synergy

Despite the clear benefits of integrating online and offline campaigns, few marketers are able to achieve this connection with any real efficiency. In a new CMO Council report, 48% of respondents say that alignment between offline and online campaigns is hit-or-miss. Let us help you execute your digital blueprint.